Saturday, January 19, 2008


I took a Kabbalah personality test because I was bored one day. I don't believe in Kabbalah simply because I have no effin idea what it is. Simple as that.

Anyways, for some reason, the analysis made me sad. Makes me out to be some wandering soul on a never-ending journey trying to find the meaning of an unsolvable puzzle.

"You almost always have a very strong inner desire for self-actualization. In virtually every circumstance, you have a very intense need to find real meaning in the world around you. In particular, you possess a very deep desire to identify your true purpose in life (both overall and in areas connected to you personally) and to achieve maximum self-realization. As a result, you are nearly always preoccupied with the question of whether what you are pursuing at the moment is indeed the best thing for you, out of a constant need/wish to shift your goals whenever you discover something loftier or more suited to you as an individual. In sum, you truly wish to know what is best for you to strive for.

This trait—bending one’s will and aspirations to actively pursue lofty goals and objectives—is the second of the three components associated with the soul’s general traits of self-actualization and willpower."

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UnNaked Soul said...

interesting... can i get this link please... do them for fun... like a dear friend has for an email signture: The pill is not bitter if you don't swallow