Sunday, March 28, 2010

soul mate

Go to church and every single female is waiting for God to send someone. Guess what "Singles Ministry"? I've been doing that for quite some time. I figured you could give me fresh perspective, but I feel as if I'm taking a step back hanging out with youguys. It shows me I definitely have to take the next step. There are a lot of good women in the church! Where are all the men?

Well, I have been waiting on that guy for years so God has blessed me with a keen sense of right and wrong, morals, values, love and empathy. I feel that I will take the step to use chemistry accumulated from someone else. Why should I refuse great advise from someone obviously a pro at the matchmaking process. I am getting aggressive on this area in my life. I will work it out.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Being Single Means...

Being single means I can watch Youtube till i get sleepy on the couch on a Friday night versus hanging out with you because...

I have unlimited days and nights to hang out... my time ain't bided with a loved one feeling neglected at home.

So dont try no slick shit with me tellin me u wanna hang out at 3.

Then turn ur phone off and no response from you till 6. Well, fine, I'll give you a second chance but dont play me, cuz im single bruh! I got nothing but time.

Plus I have learned how to entertain myself for days on end with no sight or sound of another living thing.

So u say you're coming, dont tell me it wont be till 9 cuz then u just drew the line! Im not on my caffeine kick and I know think u slick!

What I look like tryna stay up just to entertain u? U know i been up since 4:30 am and bed time is at 9.

Try again! And u better tighten up bruh cuz u gon lose this friend fakin around and tryna be cute. Don't make me call ur wife. Cuz i will. U deserve it.