Monday, January 28, 2008

Before time runs out...

Life is short. Who says this and that happen? We are so restrained and confined to our perception of the future it ends up hindering us more than we know. We see what is there and what is predictable and we factor that into our future with little room for creativity and imagination. Hat about those dreams we had? Those figures come cloudy when we see what we see all day long for as long as we have lived until something life changing like mortality or simple beauty knocks the dust off of our eyelids to let us see the future for what it is: BLANK. A blank canvas. Who says that the tree that is outside your window will be there tomorrow? Who can prove it? Noone but God. Not even you. You are blessed with life to breath tomorrow because God said so. So who has the time to hold themselves back with self-defeating behaviors when you don’t have the time for it. I can’t wait anymore. I have to do. Who knows what will be here. It’s like the dog that was tied up for years. He struggled and struggled to be freed, but ultimately he realized that he was trapped. Well, one day the scientist took off the leash that was tying him down. Guess what! He didn’t run away because he was trapped by his learned mentality that he was stuck. Learned Helplessness. Who says that I have no control over my happiness is A LIE. I am lying to myself if I believe that garbage.

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