Thursday, October 14, 2010

just sitting here

Im in carolina ale house drinkin blue moon Chatting with the waitress brittnay from time to time. today is cynthias birthday. life is good and it gets better every moment. today i woke up hung over and dehydrated. i fed winnie in the bedroom while i looked out the window. no drugs in my system a smile crept across my face. i didnt know where it came from nor did i want to know. i was just happy that despite i was feeling the hangover and all tired and poopy with a lot of things ahead of me for the day and unnessecary drama in the near future, i knew everything would be alright. the meds were out of my system at that point so i knew it came from my soul. god always blesseed me with the optimism of renewed life and second chances everyday. rejoice and revel in the simplistic happiness and joy that come spontaneously and at a fleeting moment. they are the reminders for when the road is rough. a gem to pull out of your memory to carry you through The rough times and on to the next moment whether good or bad.

Thursday, October 07, 2010


im at my sisters house yet a gain doing something that is healing yet distracting again. i love her and would do anything for her. i dont know what i would do without her in my life. it goes the same for my brother. my pup is looking at me. probably hungry as fcug. me too. but she gotta wait till 2 just like me. probably bored too. thank god she is used to me ignoring her all day. dont want her to be a spoiled dog that thinks she's a human.