Thursday, January 31, 2008

My legacy

Well, not my legacy, but people's legacy. Do you notice how multi-faceted we are as humans? We all have so many qualities about us, but which one of those qualities are we known for after our deaths? Which ones would we rather be known for?

Pimp C died recently. It has been revealed that he actually died of an accidental overdose of Syzzurp. Very unfortunate because he along with his group put Syzzurp on the map! Well, what is he known for? I will forever remember him as the one with the lame lyrics on Big Pimpin. Even the rapper with the nonsensical lyrics on Player's Anthem.

But what if he was a culinary genius that we just don't know about? What if he was the go-to guy for taxes to all his family and friends? What I'm trying to say is... his public legacy sucks. I hope he has a better one between the fam and friends!

I wonder what mine would be. I'm sure not anything I'm hoping it would be!

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