Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm so *@$%#@ing mad

I'm mad! I keep staring at this check that I received from Geico... $00.02. Two effin cents! And I know it's my money. but damn! They coulda kept two cents!! I dont even want to waste gas to cash it at the bank! So, in honor of my $00.02 check, I am going to list all the things I'm mad at:

I'm mad at my $00.02 check!! lol

I'm mad at my cuzzin not calling me cuz she mad at me even tho I didnt do anything.

I'm mad at my momma telling me on the phone I sound heavy/fat. WTF?!

I'm mad at Chelsea Handler coming on past my bedtime.

I'm mad at Starbucks not delivering.

I'm mad at Virginia weather being so Damn cold! (I should have never went to Jamaica)

I know this list is lame as fcuk, but I'm watching Hell Date, and I'ts funny as all hell!! lol... I'm so distracted... one track mind! BYE

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