Sunday, September 28, 2008

You gotta have F-A-I-T-H!!!

people would rather see you suffer in your quest for the existence of God than to free you of your mental war and tell you that you can believe anything you want. Not just because it is against their religion to denounce God.

Maybe for a bit, your questioning and prodding for proof almost awakened that small ounce of doubt in their own minds that they've struggled with in the past. They've successfully buried it with all other "poisonous thoughts" for so long. That is not a fond trip down memory lane.

So their adamantly strong hard-headed tactics, while abrasive and one-sided to you, may seem like it is meant to attack you, it is also to save someone of their sanity. Save them of slipping back into one of the most feared, troubling and terrifying mind games someone can experience, especially after being taught by everyone that He does exist.

Just a hint of doubt in anyone, especially the Church, your mama and Grandma, feels like betrayal in the highest degree. It causes you to look over your shoulder for that stray rain cloud carrying the lightning bolt that will signal your demise and your failure in the true game of Life.