Thursday, January 17, 2008

This is for the GIRLS

Its too new in the year for me to be feeling this way. And i know u feeling like this too.

Girls, dont you just hate it when u catch feelings for someone and they not on the same level as you?
Let me rephrase that: Dont you just hate it when you trick yourself into feeling for someone more than they feeling for you? Then you start lying to yourself about little shit just so you can keep the romance going in your head? i mean, really singlehood aint that bad that you gotta put up with shit you got NO business putting up with. Yeah easier said than done, but people just scared now a days. they scared to look into themselves and fix whatever it is in them that make them make the wrong relationship decisions. stand up for yourself and love yourself because if you dont, who the fuck you think gonna do it for you? Jesus and your momma dont count! Dont you know that men can smell insecurity like sharks smell blood!

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