Saturday, January 19, 2008

Love yourself... but not too much

I was reading my journal and I came across a dream I had a while back.

I think it's an interesting dream and I will share it. I wrote it sometime in February 2007. I must note that I was reading The Alchemist.

There is this guy that has to go into a jail to diffuse a situation between two feuding gangs. He thinks he is the most unqualified person because he isn't a negotiator and he doesn't work in prisons. Just think of him as a janitor. He is given a gun by the warden (probably protocol). But so he will look less dangerous and better his chances of surviving this ordeal, he turns the gun around and holds it by the barrel.

But on his quest to look nonviolent he drops the gun and unfortunately it goes off. Everyone's in chaos and hits the deck because the tension is pretty thick. The bullet doesn't kill anyone, but it hits a picture of one of the gang leaders' lesbian sister... or something. It's someone the gang leader despises, so he takes it as a good "omen". The guy gets up and is still feeling the pressure because everyone is looking at him and expecting him to deliver. So he thinks about something he heard before about love. While sending this message, he preached gospel and sang it in a gospel tone:

"Love yourself. Everyone says love yourself 100% cuz if you don't then who else will. Love yourself but not to the point that you can't change the bad things about you. If you love yourself too much then you can't grow. You don't want to love the bad things in you. Love yourself enough that you want to change the bad things."

The End

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