Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm afraid

If you knew me and i told this to you, you would either probably shit your pants and wonder when the aliens where coming. Or you would be like: I know girl! now how does it feel to get that off your chest!?

Im afraid of alot of things and they motivate me to do some crazy things. I don't like to be motivated off of being afraid. Because I get irrational and impulsive. And acting off my impulses is an addicting stress relief to me as well. Not good at all. Cuz that involves dancing, caffeine, and alcohol, and shopping for things I don't need. Now I don't shop in an excessive amount, but just getting those $70 pair of shoes that I'll probably wear every other day for 2 years straight will eat away at my conscience. Don't ask me why, but stay tuned, cuz that will be another post. Yeah, it doesn't make sense, but i rarely do.

So now, the girl that acts like she has it all together which is tiring is fcuk is going to list her fears. (I'm partially blogging this because I think talking to a shrink might mess up my clearance lol, and im to ashamed to ask security).
**Please refrain from laughing, they're all real and yes, moths are scary**

I am afraid to die alone.
I am afraid of committment.
I am afraid of being labeled as boring.
I am afraid of people recognizing my scatter brain.
I am afraid of moths.
I am afraid of being disfigured from burns. I'd rather drown to death.
I am afraid to let anyone get too close.
I am afraid of getting fired even though I'm a hard worker.
I am afraid to let people down.
I am afraid of my pet snake.
I am afraid of having children.
I am afraid of never having children.
I am afraid of mold.
I am afraid of worm holes in the dirt after the rain.
I am afraid to step on worms after the rain.
I am afraid that I will never find someone that will appreciate my uniqueness.
I am afraid of punching someone in the mouth the next time they say "You deserve a good man!"
I am afraid I will get arrested for beating a stranger's ass for staring at me at WalMart, the Mall etc.

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