Monday, January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Day

Today is supposed to be a day of observance for Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

This is the time for us to contemplate about his dream, or whatever way your heart tells you to pay respects to this man and his vision for the human race.

Not to be rude or ignorant, but I took today off!! And when I go to work tomorrow and someone asks me where I was, imma tell them I stayed home cuz im black!! Sad and not funny to most, but for me, it makes me giggle!!

Anyways, I don't really celebrate the Monday observance day, but usually on his REAL birthday I say a prayer or do my contemplating. Most people don't know that it's January 15th. But since my sister's birthday is the day before, it has stuck in my mind.

This morning, I watched a show on PETA about black people moving to the mecca known as Atlanta, as well as other historically segregated cities and states. Among others, Alabama. On the show, Maya Angelo compared the migration of wealthy and successful blacks moving to the south in mass quantities as us coming home after the forced move up north during the segregation days.

It was interesting because the host of the show played the devil's advocate. He explained that the south is known for it's segregation then and now. So why do blacks think it's okay to live in communities that occupies only blacks? So who cares that your house costs half a million, what makes you different from the neighborhoods where there are only whites?

What makes segregation right? Or when is segregation okay? Can we really say when segregation is okay and mean it not just when it suits our desires and needs?

This can relate to anything that you distance yourself from. Not just segregation among races. This actually explains my relationship with my snake (random, I know)

The more we are moved away from others the more we lose touch.
The more we lose touch, the more we grow apart.
the more we grow apart, the more we are unaware.
The more we are unaware, the more likely we are to be afraid.
From fear grows hate.

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