Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Running after Death

Yesterday was the first day I ran for 3 miles.. after my ankle being on the mend. It was successful. I am sore today, but with my cross training, i should be fine when it comes to recovery. I even bought some running tights that aids in keeping the knee muscles in alignment. I also am starting a running "dream" book of sorts. I want to add the things i will be using, doing, needing and preventing for this running season. So far I also created a spreadsheet to track my vitamin intake. I am CONVINCED that my vitamin deficiency was what was contributing to the constant pain in my ankle. Since I started my Vitamin D therapy a month ago, I feel more energetic and I dont have a f\physical depression. Iron Vitamin D were down. Makes sense. Now I am on the way to recovery and on the way to running after the death of my anxiety, after the death of my mom and grandma. I am in a better place and I want to be able to enjoy the activities that I normally do. I know that without the self doubt and angst I used to carry around like luggage, this training season will be different. I will treat myself like I am my own coach. I will have good music and good inspiring pictures, images, and people that will give me the strength, courage, motivation. I want to make sure I share this record with myself so I can go to this later, tweek it if something didnt work, or things like that.