Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Quarter-life crisis

I just went into my purse and I realized how junky and out of control it is. WOW! It feels like my life! No purpose, no order. How uncanny! So from now on so that I won't trigger any semi-depression spells, I will refer to my life as my purse. Don't get confused if I type: "Wow, where is my purse going right now?" or "My purse is in shambles, I need a purse coach." Or "What is the f@#%#(*&ing meaning of purse!??"

It's just a defense mechanism. I gotta use those psychology classes SOMEHOW, or else how will I get my money's worth? I'm not in a psychology profession, that's for sure! And I won't be anytime soon because I am afraid of living my dream. I feel like settling. A better word is compromise. Help, I'm starting to give up on myself :-(

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