Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sadness like the tide on a beach

I am close to crying. I read a book. I knew it was sad after I found out what it was but I am part of a book club. I feel compelled to assimilate.

I did not like the book because the story was sad and the inspiration behind the story was worse. It lingers. it seeps into my cup of sadness I've been holding on to and now my cup runneth over.

It's been a rough week and I am already sad because of all the friends I will miss when I leave my company. I put my two weeks notice in. It was very difficult. i have been wanting to leave for a year but I could not make myself go anywhere else because of all the wonderfully real and flawed people I met and became my family. Two years went by. Now its time to go. Oh, my aching heart, why have you let them in?

God, tomorrow will be hard. Its my very last day working with T and my work husband. Then I have a week by myself and my work mom. Oh will we cry. I will tomorrow. I am right now. I love them. This is hard.

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