Sunday, May 09, 2010

Master Contact without contamination

What it means to me.

Contact without contaminiation.
When it comes to people I am fond of, there are times I know the gradual increase in friendship may take a nasty turn for the worse. I must know the boundaries and fortify them so that all parties in the friendship will remain unscathed. How do I interact with that person without anything going bad, because we people are a lot more influential than we care to be. Others are a lot more weak than they realize.... so for affairs of the heart, and because it is very easy for me to be sharing with my feelings and emotions, and not always appropriate. Here is a good guide for me to follow.

1.Do not express emotional connections I have
2. Avoid exciting, intimate, or arousing situations in the company of "attractive" others
3. Acknowledge my infatuation with certain temperments (opposites attract)
4. Dont be intimate with anyone who makes it clear they are available for emotional relationship
5. Do be sure to NOT ignore your impulses. Feel the feelings and try to understand why I feel I need to be in this persons presence. This is a good time for finding out where I need balance.

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