Sunday, March 09, 2008


I went to jamaica for vacation two weeks ago. (Unrelated to the topic of this blog, and for those of you that would like to know: The sun there, it's on steroids. But I have digressed.) For some reason typing this feels like a confession, rather than an announcement, or an out-loud thought. I loved it on my vacation, and had a great time, but I just dont like telling anyone I went because the first time I went, I didnt like the reaction I had gotten from friends and family.

When I tell people I went to Jamaica, the first thing that comes out of their mouths are: "I'm hating! lol." I appreciate honesty in all situations, but this is RIDICULOUS!! Literally everyone except 2 people (out of 20+) said this. If you know me, you know this is a well-deserved vacation! Everyone goes: I want to go to Jamaica! Why didnt you tell me! I hate you!

I must confess, I have been less than honest with my friends and family! If i were even an ounce honest with them, they woulda got cursed the fuck out! I cant tell you how many times I've been told by coworkers, fam&friends about their trips to Greece, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Africa, hell, even California! In my heart, i felt I was just as well-deserving to go on a trip, but I never showed that! I was genuinely happy for them because it sounded like an adventure I would enjoy. Damn, I'm a good person.

I just wanted to share my vacation with you with an added guilt-trip just in case you were hating. Maybe one day I will write about it. But I will say now that you should go to Jamaica. There are cheap tickets out there. Everyone needs a break! You don't need the ideal partner, or the bestest friend, but just someone you trust not to take your shit when you two are sleep at night in the hotel. Save up and go!

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