Sunday, March 09, 2008

Arrrggg! Im a pirate!!

im a pirate!! Okay not really, but I got a make-shift patch like a pirate!

Let me explain: I hit my eye in the worst way! I was doing laundry, putting away my bikini top when i noticed a knot! As I proceeded to take out the knot, I pulled one end of the elastic strap and let go by mistake. With acute precision and enviable finesse only professional and habitual klutz's can finagle, I hit myself directly in the eye with the end of the knot. Did I mention there are metal accents on the ends of the straps? Oh yeah, not good at all.

So that was last night around 6pm. I was on the phone with my cuz when it happened and I could only manage to say 5 words when it happened: "Oh shit! I gotta go!" Who says that when they are in excruciating pain and they think they have just blinded themselves? I guess I didn't want her to worry. Well i hurt myself bad and I tried to walk it off, this is what the army taught u when you got hurt. So I paced my apartment praying to Jesus like I needed forgiveness for killing my mother... I opened my eye just to make sure I could still see and I had blurry vision, so I was okay for the moment. It hurt enough to cry, but I held it in... UNTIL

I quickly looked to my right and noticed that my injured eye wasn't following AAAAHHHH! I just knew God was punishing me for all those years of making fun of my cock-eyed little brother. My eyelid was swelling and I had some blood showing up on the white part, so me being me, I started crying. If there is anything wrong with me physically, I can cry like I'm being sent to the electric chair. I hate being hurt. I just knew my eye wouldn't be the same! I dont want to be cross-eyed, i kept telling Jesus! Please, God, heal me!

I called my sister to ask her what to do, and in between sobs, I explained to her what happened. She laughed at me! I mean she gave me good advice AND gave me a month off with no laundry, but she laughed. I laughed too, but have you laughed and cried at the same time? Very disturbing feeling! So I got off the phone with her, took an ambien and went to sleep.

As of 1:05pm, Sunday, my left eye still hurts. I closed all my blinds and curtains, because my eye burns and its still light sensitive. I'm pissed that I ruined my own plans for the weekend! I just wanted to stay at home, pig out and watch free movies on Comcast. I cant do that with one eye! Even using the good eye makes the bad eye hurt!

Pray for me. I use my eyes for my job... I know that everyone does, but I mean like if you don't have depth perception, you aren't allowed to work in this profession. I'll make an appointment tomorrow to see if all I need to do is wear my patch for a bit or something. Hopefully its not that serious, but It shouldnt hurt when I try to look left and right either. I'm tired of being clumsy [sigh].

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