Friday, March 21, 2008

I got the job :-(

**Warning: i am pretty good at stealing my own sunshine,
**so as this is a momentous and celebratory occasion (which I
**will celebrate accordingly, TRUST!) this post is a detox of all my
**negative emotions that pertain to the fact that I have
**a NEW JOB YAY!! :-)

holy sheet i got the job! It has been a stressful month! No wonder I've been
so sleepy. It's hard to look for a new job at your old job whilst still working at 110%...

Yesterday was exx.xxpecially hard. I received my welcome packet the night before from the new job
and with resolve to turn in my resignation letter on Monday, i have been feeling guilty about not telling anyone about it.

I figure just avoid the important people and I won't feel bad like anythings going on.
I know my resignation will come as a shock! Anyways, i got called into my
managers office to complete my counseling for last year and to
receive my raise... uuuuhhhh! Why why why! I felt bad as manager-man told me how well
I did and what he expects out of me for 2008. All the while I'm feeling like shit and
wondering if he and everyone is gonna feel betrayed for me ackin like I'm staying.
(I was called dramatic by my friend because i told her i cried after seeing the
manager and will probably cry in the manager-mans office during resignation-time on Monday)

anyways, i was a little shook for feeling guilty (I'm stupid, right?) so i had to tell my
coworker cuz we share an office and she probably would have thought i got
fired by the way I was carrying on: nothing too crazy, just that i was blushing and
my ears were red as fcuk!

well i told her and she looked sad, as to be expected! Who's gonna watch the
bachelor with her on Tuesday mornings? who's gonna share scones with her cuz she's
on a strict diet? who's gonna... i cant think of anything else, but i swear she's gonna miss me!
I'd miss her! Probably cuz there's NOTHING to do at work but keep each other company and stay awake until your 9 hours are up.

Well I'm going through all types of emotions but I've been really good at surpressing
them. Next week is going to be rough. I will have to face the friends i havent told. i will cry.

Hi, my name is _______ and I am dramatic at goodbyes.

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Ms Sula said...

I went through the same thing when I left my previous job... It was my first "real" job and I made lifetime friends over there... I felt so guilty and full of remorse that I waited till the last minute to tell my project team...

A mess. But Hooray! for the new job. Spring is in the air... New Beginnings!