Thursday, March 13, 2008

Look what I can do!!

I made this on my own :-) I'm so proud of myself!!
I wanted some Cinnabon and the closest one to me is at the Airport. Granted, the airport is only 20 minutes away and I've been known to drive a half hour to 45 minutes to quell a craving (no, I'm not pregnant...). But there's something gratifying about making good tasting food on my own.
So, I had a rough day at work and decided it was time to try out a recipe I found for "clone of Cinnabon". I even got to use my new food processor!! Yay!!
Side Bar: Let me tell you, I think the smartest investment's I've ever made were at Macy's!! In November, I bought a $400 coat at Macy's for $175!! Then I bought a food processor in February for a good discount. But I use that food processor for EVERYTHING!! I'm too lazy to cut stuff, and not strong enough yet to roll out some good dough... LOVE IT!! Thanks, Macys. I still resent them for buying Hechts, though.
Anyways, these buns were good! I had half of one last night, fresh out the oven and then i was bouncing off the walls from the sugar. I brought the rest into work today and shoved them into people's mouths. Not that they couldn't be sold on their own merit, but if they stayed on my desk for 5 more minutes, i would have eaten them ALLL MMUUUUHHHAHAHAHA!! (Evil laugh).
So now I have a craving for some lasagna and while I have nothing against Stouffer's frozen lasagna, i just want to make it cuz i never attempted to. The only thing that stinks about me wanting to make food is I can't eat what I want because of my Acid Reflux. but I'm happy to give it away as long as it tastes good. I'm my worst critic, so I won't even try to push something off to someone if it tastes bad.

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