Monday, March 17, 2008


I start a semester of school in about a week and I am TERRIFIED!! AAAHHHH! Seriously, I have 3 classes, and one is math. After one unfortunate incident this weekend, I have decided to drop Sociology and just take two so I can devote most of my study time in BEGINNERS Algebra. I have been avoiding this class for quite some time (uuuuggghh, I feel stupid).

See, I am slow when it comes to math. I used to be good. I had A's all the way up to high school, but now that my brain doesn't use it as much, my math muscles have atrophied. Case and point: On Saturday at IHOP I spent 5 minutes on trying to figure out the bill. I couldn't add $27.30 and $7.00. When I finally did, I was so excited!! My friend laughed at me cuz i made a silly face, but seriously, I was excited!!

Well, before we drove off, me and my friend talked in the parking lot for a few minutes cuz we drove separately, but then the waitress came running out saying there was a problem with the bill... Please tell me why my addition came up with $11.30? Lawd Jezus! I tried to redeem myself and figure out the correct amount, still getting it wrong. The waitress was like "I'll tell you what to write, don't worry about it" My friend had a good laugh. I wanted to laugh too, but I was too confused: why would I think that $11.30 would cover a $27.30 bill. Who does that?

I am afraid that if I can't add, what teacher would trust me to use a graphing calculator?! Geez, I need a tutor and some coffee.

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quarter-life-crisis said...

Congrats and good luck on your new journey!!!

Just take your time with your classes and trust time will fly by!!