Saturday, March 08, 2008

Still single.

Sometimes I wonder how I'm going to find a suitor, husband, mate for life, father of my future children. I liuve in the WORST place to get a man. I never get hit on nor do I see any man I am interested in. There are almost noone my type where I live. I might as well live on the North Pole... anyways,

I mentioned to one of my supposed best friends that I jokingly might go online to find a man, and with disgust she vehemently explained to me why she thought it was tasteless... Understandable, but she's divorced now. So, doesn't that mean her advice is null and void?

Anyways, I just remembered that nugget of a memory while i was watching that reality show Millionaire Matchmaker. I wish I had friends or family concerned enough to put me on a blind date...

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singingsolace said...

Go online! Seriously! It's so great. You can flirt and date many guys at the same time if you want. Without online dating sites, I probably would never have had any boyfriends. Try it! Good luck!