Tuesday, July 13, 2010

trust your gut

Like i said, its my turn. got my answer... now i sense a quietness... its cool. its just me jumping to conclusions i do all too well. i need to have patience. put the phone away and go to the next stage. That guy i had talked to didnt even call me back. he told me to call him. Jermaine. But i didnt think that was appropriate if i was telling him that i liked him. I dont like him and based off the first impressions, i would not like to know him better. He was very pushy, guarded, suspicious. I am a stranger. My bank for trustworthiness should be zero at the least... not at -50. Thats where I felt it was because of his interrogation... give me YOUR number. Well I did. He said he wanted to call me. So then as I drove off, he said to me: Call me! Wha? miscommunication like a mother, but I feel that if he really is a good person, then he would call me. that's funny to read. The gist is im not interested.

Anyway my day will be great despite it all. DOnt know why I have such a hang up over him... God help me shake this shit.

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