Friday, July 16, 2010

Signs signs signs. I have relinquished power to God. And He hasn't failed to provide me with my needs and necessities. Impeccable timing.

My uncle once had a discussion with me a couple of weeks ago. We were speaking about faith. I told him that i have faith and he says we all do. But do you have enough to move a mountain? All you need is faith like a mustard seed. Well, I said I do because I believe it but I directly wouldn't test God by asking him to move mountains, I know he can do it. Uncle Jeff told me I would never have to move one with my faith... I wasn't content with that response. My faith should allow me unlimited access to move stars, mountains, whatever as long as I believe in it and it's what God wants, right?! So if God wants to move a mountain, who is my Uncle to tell me it will never happen? I understood what he was coming from, though. But he cant tell me what God can do in my life. Bottom line.

So last night, I had decided to wake up early on Friday to get to work extra early because I had to drop off my vehicle to get the oil changed later in the morning. The problem is I haven't been waking up until 6:45 -7:45 (late nights, and lots of tossing and turning keeps me in bed). But I set my alarm for 5:11 and I asked God last night (lol watch what you ask for) to give me a real good reason to get out of bed. I wasn't going to worry about how notorious I am about that primal urge in me to hit the snooze button! I am addicted to it, so I have a lot of fear of falling into my habit. But I told myself, why worry if you asked God to take care of it. So, lo and behold, I was woken up at 5:05 this morning to an earthquake. That definitely got my brain up. God answers your prayers. Even the little ones.

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