Thursday, February 07, 2008

To David #1


Why exactly are u tryna get inside my mind?
I'll tell u 1 thing: u might not like what u find.

My head is like an onion and NOT cuz it stinks
But cuz it’s wrapped so tight in layers like a rich lady in her mink.

If I, against my better judgment, let u inside,
There'd be no sacred spot or quiet place for my thoughts to hide.

Let's say I give you the key to the entry to my soul;
(Cuz that key works for my mind; 2gether they make me whole.)

And you come upon a part of me I've never shared b4,
My heart would break for the 1st time. It won't be pure anymore.

You see, I’m afraid no one’s gentle enuf to handle my soul,
yet strong enuf to stick with me till our bodies both grow old.

I know it sounds as if I was meant to be alone.
I'd rather be by myself than give my heart out as a loan.

Something will lack in the original luster when you're done with lease.
I'll check the inventory of my mind & soul and see you've kept a piece.

That piece you’ve kept for yourself will never grow back;
Cuz when I share my mind & soul, I take from me to build u where u lack.

You'll probably be greedy and take more than u need;
With no 1st thought to my well-being, no 2nd to reciprocity.

So now you've read the warning sign attached to my mind,
Are u man enuf to be with me? I'm one of a kind.

So now you've read the warning sign attached to my soul,
Will u b there thru thick & thin, my hand you'll always hold?

If it's too much, I understand. I'll gladly be alone
And be whole, than be used by u, borrowed on a loan.

Now that u know what's going on in my busy mind,
Are you more confused than when u started or do you like what you find?

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