Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Remember me? We met on Friday.

Hi Mister Man, we met last Friday. We hadn't even been formally introduced! lol, i really don't talk to strangers that often, so this is kind of odd. Especially because you turned out to be my guardian angel.

I just wanted to say thank you!! Thank you for the free vouchers of alcohol on my flight from DC to ATL. That was a god-send! I was one of the last people off the plane because, well, remember when you told me to change seats to get closer to Business class? My luggage was already packed in the back and you know people aren't polite on planes. So i was stuck in the back and didn't get a chance to see you again.

Even when I got off, I looked for you, just to thank you! But I guess that would have ruined the charm. "I appreciate it! Thank u baby " (spoken in my best grandma voice)

Anyways, while I'm at it, let me address the flight attendant: Hi Miss Lady. I'm sorry about that little confusion that we had on the plane. Believe you me, I meant no disrespect! I know you told me to turn off my phone and I did, but I switched it to "airplane Mode". I know it hurt your feelings in front of all those people when I backtalked you the second time you asked.

I'm sure I added insult to injury when i stuck my phone in your face for you to verify that it was infact in airplane mode. Sorry about that! I was a little tipsy and antsy cuz I didn't get a call I was waiting on.

Alcohol + Stress = I don't give a fcuk attitude.

But I figured you flight attendant people would know about airplane mode on phones! I'll explain it to you now: the phone turns on without no transmissions or signals. It doesn't search for a signal or anything. You can't call out, send text, receive calls. It's pretty useless, except that I was typing notes that I had to get out of my head. You see, I have a short-term memory problem sometimes.

One more.

Hi there Mr White Guy. I'm happy we talked. I don't remember your name and I imagine you don't remember mine. Thanks for the convo, except when you started talking about strip clubs. I think you talk to attractive women you dont know so you can get your jollies. I don't appreciate you for testing the waters of our talk but I don't blame you for trying. You aren't the first and you certainly won't be the last. You may have gotten some naughty dirty confessions out of me if
a) you were single, 10 years yonger and
b) we were somewhere that like 50 people ARENT within ear shot of.

Nonetheless, thanks for getting that Heineken so i wouldn't have to drink my wine alone. And thank you for not following me around after we got off the plane. I know we could talk for hours about nothing; I have that gift. But there is a thin line between sane and wacko! Hope you enjoyed the game and took the Victoria's Secret Superbowl commercial to heart with your loving wife. Have a good life!

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