Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Another Symbol

Women and religion and spirituality. I was listening to NPR and they were talking about a lady who died recently, Mary Daly. She was a radical lesbian feminist. She generally didn't talk to men, she was a teacher at Boston College there were at first no women. When, in 1999, she attempted to have an all female roster, a male student sued the school. She claimed that he didn't meet all prerequisites. She further explained men in classrooms with women are very disruptive. Women act differently, being ridiculed by their responses and interactions and feel the need to dress up or look presentable for the opposite sex.

Anyway, two very important things I heard is that she fought with the Catholic church and believed that trinity originated from triple goddesses in ancient history. Also she fought about the fact that women are being robbed of things by the patriarcy. Stolen are our creativity, creative energies, and religion. Women are being excluded in this male-dominated world.

So as I am on Paulo Coelho's website, he is interviewed speaking on women's exclusions and God the mother.


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