Sunday, February 07, 2010

Signs and symbols all over the place

Signs and symbols again. Talking about psychology. Mike talks about the child in India that was born iwht extra appendages. Eight, and her village thinks she is a goddess and prays to her. The family moves away to be near a hospital and the village is not happy. They don't want their new "goddess" to be away from them. Someone puts a curse on them and things start to go downhill for them. They move back but the town's people don't acknowledge them. They are ignored and noone comes o visit as they once did. Then they see a "witch" doctior. The doctor takes the curse off and their whole demeanor change. They carry themselves differently and that allows others to treat them differently. Now that they know there is no curse, the little girl goes and humbles herself befor the elders and everything is back to normal.

In the witch of Portobello, same thing with her. She acts as a withch allowing people to come and ask her but at the end of the day, it is revealed that she doesn't do anything to them. They just accept the fact that they are free to do what they please, She did not unlease thngs in people, she just allowed them to be in this state of mind and use intuition. It's like, we all are equipped owht the key that unlocks all the thingss tat hold us back. We just have to find out how to unlock it.

Many people use other means to get there. Many diffierent vessels. Witch doctors, drugs, religion, music, dance, crossword puzzles, painting. But honestly, I believe it is meditation. Quiet, or a chance to let your body and mind be quiet to let your heart and soul speak. It always speaks, just that so much stuff is happening around us that we drown out the messages.

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