Friday, March 05, 2010

Being Single Means...

Being single means I can watch Youtube till i get sleepy on the couch on a Friday night versus hanging out with you because...

I have unlimited days and nights to hang out... my time ain't bided with a loved one feeling neglected at home.

So dont try no slick shit with me tellin me u wanna hang out at 3.

Then turn ur phone off and no response from you till 6. Well, fine, I'll give you a second chance but dont play me, cuz im single bruh! I got nothing but time.

Plus I have learned how to entertain myself for days on end with no sight or sound of another living thing.

So u say you're coming, dont tell me it wont be till 9 cuz then u just drew the line! Im not on my caffeine kick and I know think u slick!

What I look like tryna stay up just to entertain u? U know i been up since 4:30 am and bed time is at 9.

Try again! And u better tighten up bruh cuz u gon lose this friend fakin around and tryna be cute. Don't make me call ur wife. Cuz i will. U deserve it.

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