Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Maybe u'll tell me something i dont know...

I'm always open to these types of interpretations, and im usually pretty surprised when It's right, so I figured, what the hey... I'll try it... so tell me about my self!!

Question 1: I am in the desert, I see the ladder, and it is pointing at the sky leaning on a tree

Question 2: I am there with the horse. The horse is brown. He is standing there waiting for me to get on its back i guess...

Question 3: I like water because it's nourishing to the body, it's cleansing and because it's abundant

Question 4: My fav color is blue. I like it because it's calming, peaceful and it's brilliant.

Question 5: I like the cat because it has few cares, can rest when it wants and is affectionate

Question 6: First: can i go back to sleep, second, how do I get out of here!!

Question 7: Oscar, Hector

Question 8:Lyvia (sis)

Question 9: Jennie

Question 10:
Always by Atlantic Starr
Loving You by Minnie Ripperton
Joyride by Mariah Carey
He Loves Me by Jill Scott

Quesion 11: Paris, London, Italy, Arizona

Last one: In order Eagle, Tiger, Monkey, Sheep, Cow

Now, your turn... what does that mean?? Thanks 4 visiting my page!! Have a blessed day!!


UnNaked Soul said...

You ladder leaning on a tree means that you rely on people around you to archive your goals... A tree is a solid thing to rely on, but what happens when it withers...

Brown horse depicts strong sexuality, and you are always willing to try out stuffs that will make your sex life interesting...

Sex to you nourishes and cleanses you... and you have no problem getting it...

You see yourself as a calm, peaceful, and brilliant soul... (how charming... *wink*)

You Ideal lover someone who has creativity and self belief at its core, someone who's affectionate... and you usually see things in men that other women to see...

Well death is not a cool thing to wake up to... *wink*

Oscar is your crush
Hector you're dating or wants to date you
Lyvia is your lucky star
Jennie is your a buddy you'll enjoy a positive relationship with

You'll always crush on Oscar
You'll always love Hector
You're gonna have a joy ride with Lyvia
And who loves you? why are you telling Jennie? are you confiding in her about your crush?

Italy is where the MAGIC will take place

Your order of priority:

Freedom, Ego, Finance, Friendship, Family

What say thee? have a lovely day!

UnNaked Soul said...

As much as you value family, when it comes to making decision that surround matters of your heart, you sort of consider them last... You're drawn to care, kindness, someone who listens, and then you in return give them your all... Money, Sex, Attention... but one thing always keeps you in check... your ego... but with love, your ego comes, well, second... Love gives you Freedom... and it will always be #1 for you...

Do I know so much about you?