Monday, January 01, 2007

I'm exceptionally happy!!

(this entry is a 2fer!!! You get some good SAT words and some entertainment!! arent you the adventitious one!!)

For some reason I am in an exceptionally good mood, which is in stark contrast to this morning! Let me paint you a pretty picture: I was grumpy this morning because when i came into the office, all our phones were occupied, which meant I couldnt get on the phone and call my parents or family and friends to say happy new year :-( . I was devastated, and sank deeper into a semi-funk with each minute ticking away that everyone was on the phone... Ooooh i was Pissed!!!

But i left work to take a shower and shake that shit off. I had to literally curse myself out (all taking place in my head.... ) My inner voice is a mix of me and Monique (the beautiful comedienne/actress/inspirational speaker). So I will call her Menique. I'm more harsh on myself, and Monique is more loving and cursewords so they balance each other out. Menique was telling me: snap out of it!! What the fuck is your problem? Aint nothing that serious for you to be fucking up ur whole day!!! Besides, u know if u was on the phone, u wouldnt care if somebody wanted to get on!! Be real Bitch!!! (If you cant tell, that was me talking) Then Monique said to me, Don't sweat the small stuff, and everything is the small stuff! (actually, when i went to go see monique at a concert, she said that...)

So, I put on Stuntin' like my daddy and rocked out, i was dancin to that dance that goes with that song that was out a couple months ago. Pick your choose, there were so many that i cant remember which one... My cousin showed me how, but when I tried to simulate it, she looked at me with a face that was a mixture of disgust and embarassment. It was potent enough for me to immediately stop and feign a hurt toe. Well, I lied to myself enough to trick my brain that I was in fact in a good mood, but I couldn't lie to myself enough to think that I was doing the dance right... that's okay, cuz 8 hours later, I am still in an exceptionally great mood... all the caffeine that I drank today may have some part in it also... who cares!

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