Thursday, October 01, 2009

Random musings...

today has been a day. one of those days. it wasnt like any other day since every day is unique and yet you feel like it was "one of those days", aw well, i made it through.

I met my match! i finally found someone thats like me! Generous to the utmost without a feeling like you owe them... i always wanted to meet somebody like that. but not to the point that we fight playfully about who's gonna get the tab! I am hard headed and she is worse... you ever met someone who is like you so much that you become friends instantly, then start disliking certain things about them only to realize they are the same things you do lol!?

One day I may write a book. I dunno what its going to be about, or when I will start writing it, but it will be good!

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