Tuesday, October 13, 2009

...of all...

of all the guys I've...
picked over
foolishly trusted
threw away
contemplated over
lusted for
pined over
disgustingly accepted
complacently rejected

...I've always wanted something to show. A trinket of some sort to show their existence. something to prove.

Of all the items I've collected...

a watch
a teddy bear
a wine bottle
a condom
a box of cigarettes
a charm necklace
a baby picture
a lei
a poem
a breakup note
a text
a picture mail
a valentine card
a pillow
a belt
a mug
a keychain
a mixtape
a cd
a dvd

... the one that meant the most is something that has no material value. something that cannot be weighed by the finest-tuned scale. Yet it has the most profound and lasting affect on my life. not even the most sacred memorabilia can trigger nostalgia or longing for. He somehow reached into my chest stretched out his fingers and left an imprint of his heart on my soul. It has been the most treasured gift of all for it has been reincarnated time after time long when the gold chain gets dull and the teddy bear is moth-ridden.

of all the things to spend and splurge on he gave me a priceless yet the most free gift of all...



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