Monday, April 07, 2008

Don't sweat it.

You know what? I know this is potentially embarrassing info, but fcuk it! Cuz if u knew me in real life, you'd already be hip to this, anyways!

This chit is getting out of control. I cant take it and I'm considering botox. I get the sweats... not all the time. just when im really cold and really hot, and when I get excited or nervous, and when I'm anxious or stressed, and when I drive, and when I get embarrassed or put on the spot. So, yeah, not all the time. :-)

I had orientation today at my new job and like always, I had wads of paper under my arms to protect my new business suit and button up shirt from Express. I looked DAMN fly in my pants suit! Double-takes all day, u know! Except, those wads of tissue *this is where i drop my head in shame*. It usually works but today waterworks was on point. I blame it on all the stupid times I had to get up and introduce myself and tell my story blah blah blah... well, somehow, through a long-sleeve tucked in shirt, a business jacket, and pantyhose, my wad that usually protects the valuable ridiculously overpriced cute clothes... it... fell... and NOT in an inconspicuous spot! Right behind my chair in the conference room! uuuugggghhh!

So, because of emotional stress (well really just minor embarrassment but not enough to make me sweat, but i'm exaggerating for when I go to the doctor) and going broke from the excessive dry-cleaning bills (well, I just scrub hard and i don't wear too much white, but another exaggeration for the doc...) I need botox. I extensively researched it: lasts from 6-8 months. Some websites even boast 11. I could only be so lucky...

The best part!!! I can have my insurance pay for it!! YAY! Whew, that was brave of me to admit. Actually not really, cuz u don't know me :-)

Have a good day and stay blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Sweetpea, you commented on my blog "Struggle For Justice" and I believe we could be friends. I would have emailed you, but I don't have your addy.
I went through the same anxiety you are experiencing and I can suggest the way I overcame it. Presently I speak in public at least once a month with no angst.