Thursday, November 09, 2006

Roses don't smell like poo-poo!! Poo-Poo smells like poo-poo!

Why cant women just stop being so uptight sometimes and talk about bodily functions?! We've been doing it our entire lives! Guys talk about it to each other all the time jokingly or seriously! WTF! Well, i'm one of those girls that don't talk about it seriously unless i want a reaction from someone... but that's beside the point. The reason I'm bringing this up is cuz there's this one lady that works in my building (and this is a little nasty so if u dont wanna hear about brown fish swimming in porcelain ponds, stop reading...) I don't even think she works on the same floor as me, but every day, same time, same stall, (no shame) she pulls off one of those toilet bowl sheet thingies and goes and does her business. SHe'll just smile, and walk in, and do her business. I wish i could just ask her: how are you so regular??!! I know, that's a filthy thing to ask someone, but some of the other ladies in the building are so much raunchier!!! I mean they leave streaks! For God's Sake! Please!!! Courtesy flush!! There needs to be a sign: BYOB: Brush before you flush! It gets worse! So one day i walk past a lady on my way to the bathroom... she's walking pretty fast once she sees me, but i think nothing of it, and I walk intoi the bathroom. As i come around the corner, the first stall is in full view! I look into the toilet because my eyes sensed movement, and it looks like there's somehting running across the rim! SO I scream and run out of the bathroom thinking that its a cockroach (i'm so silly) but then, my mind processes what my eyes see, that nasty lady didnt flush all her goods down the toilet and one was just swirling around, just hanging out and shit!! I told this story to male and female collegues (because, frankly i don't like the shit-n-run lady, at all!) Everyone was disgusted. I know, who tells poo stories just before lunch!!

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