Thursday, January 06, 2011

Its never too late to change

the older we get the more effed up our lives seem. not everyone...
the older we get the more things seem to fall into place. not everyone...

The thing is the oler we get, the more experiences we have that are the product of our patterns of behavior.

If you have good healthy behaviors, then they will build on themselves and positivity will increase.

Same for the unhealthy behaviors, patters, coping mechanisms. everything feeds off of everything. Nothing is isolated. Everything is connected. You will see the consequences of something seemingly minute as a bad childhood, witness to parents who were abusive, being spoiled as a child, early childhood sicknesses. these things are what mold our actions. We get stuck in a holing pattern we learn early on that should have been a temporary defense mechanism and everything in our life explodes. why? because that plug you used to stop the water from coming through was only supposed to last for a bit. it had a shelf life of, oh say 5 months but you've been going at the same route for 15 years.

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