Sunday, October 05, 2008

Instead of feeling like a complete idiot for not understanding the material in my ECON 100 class, I will admit that I have a lot going on and that i don't think I have time to study as thoroughly as I should. I dont because i don't get it and I think studying math is more beneficial. Math doesn't have multiple choice questions, so i have a higher chance of guessing the right answer in economics tests.

I cannot wait until i am done with this marathon then i will have time to study like i should be, versus waking up so friggin early on saturday mornings to run 5-10 miles. THat just kills the rest of the day because after using that much energy, all i am good for is stuffing my face trying to replenish those calories lost and sleeping because I am exhausted. plus running to the gym every other day for 1 1/2 hours where as i could be studying instead. 3 classes isn't a lot. i just need to do better time management.

I will be alright. everything will be okay. i will pass Economics.

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