Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I do, and it's okay.

I like The Shins.
I stare strangers in the eye, yet I can't even look my best friends in the eye.
I wear flip-flops in the winter.
I eat cereal for dinner more times than I should.
I am superficial, I love symmetry.
I love everyone. Everyone.
I despise people, including myself.
I am a night owl, yet I go to sleep at 8:30 every night.
I secretly want to be an actress.
I want to write short stories.
I hide my emotions from myself.
I cry for myself sometimes.
I really like a guy I met. Who knows what will be, but my life is better because I know him.
I love a guy, one of my soul mates, and he loves his wife.
I judge myself.
I dance in public.
I sing out loud at the grocery store. I tell myself I'm serenading passersby.
I am free.
I am happy.
I am sad.
I am ornery.
I am anxious.
I am restless.
I say words the wrong way.
I have a flighty attention span.
I have great attention to details and things around me, until I'm with others. Then I stop thinking.
I like to be taken care of.
I want to service others.
I mistake people for mannequins.
I mistake mannequins for people.
I only have basic TV.
I change clothes at least 3 times a day if I'm home on weekends.
I love loooooong socks.
I am messy.
I can't work in a cluttered environment.
I contradict myself.


Charli said...

This is a wonderful poem. Your contradictions are so honest. I think we've all got contradictions, but we won't look at them. We pretend we make sense. I think once we realize how little sense we make, we really start our journey.

Thanks for sharing this!

sweetpea said...

Thanks for your comment, charli. These are the things that make me blush, literally. Some of these things are my achilles and I rarely share them, but like you said, I'm on a journey to rediscover who I am and shed my overprotective skin so I can be. Just be.