Sunday, December 12, 2010

What does it say about me that i keep exuating yoga to sex? i guess i feel free during sex and thats when i have the most concentratiion on me 100%. anyway i fovused on the pain and WATCHED IT like they said and i hbave the choice to either resist it or let it release. i let it released and encouraged myself to move past to get to where i needed to be. soon ii was passing the pain. i get caught up sometimes and though it doesnt take away from the feeling it just doesznt allow me to enjoy the feeling nor make it buil aapon itself. most impoortantly... keep moving. keep digging deep. was i digging? i felt the joy from succeeding... i allowed myself to feel that the next process was to encourage myself. u alreadty know how the pain feels, but wait it gets better. u already now how the pressure feels. u understand the focus needs to be there. dont be a rusher. focus your mind 100 percent. not 85.

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